Saturday, March 25, 2017

Don't confuse rosemary with heaven

at least the breath of heaven.  Precisely, Coleonema pulchrum --  the breath of heaven.  But speaking of rosemary, I love its breath, too.  What words smell like rosemary?  Perhaps, that's the title of a poem.  Or perhaps, it's a blink poem.  All by itself. Just like an Asian pear sliced is a blink poem of the fruit kingdom.  Your mouth agrees, doesn't it?

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    Yes, dear, my mouth agrees.

    "Beyond the horizon some figures are in pursuit of each other; a circle is being closed again and again.

    Love is a baton, a quarry, a disc."

    Notes while priming canvas: Light changes against the wall, part white, part peril. The message beyond the round smile, the eyes coming through, will no doubt be painted over.

    "What is the rhetoric of longing?"

    Evidence, Strata F, red ccdic notebook, 1986-90, SF, CA