Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What's the color of conversation?

Ah! the 3 C's -- conversation, cooking, community.

Here a simple nasturtium dreams of evening.  Enjoys a quiet self-conversation as light changes.  As nasturtium becomes evening.

Same can be said of a meal.  Of a poem.  Definitely, a community.  I'm remembering Sunday.  Thanks aplenty and gratitude for the SF Peace and Hope Fest at ANEW Gallery -- thanks to herchurch, Stacy Boorn, Elizabeth Hack, Steve Eulberg, Al Young, Erica Goss, Deborah K. Tash, Roxanne Worthington, Elaine Drew, Patrick Cahill, Nancy Wakeman, Carolyn WarmSun, Philip Lewenthal.  Thanks to the greatest artists an artist may encounter -- a listening & receptive audience.  That's conversation.  And what is a meal if it can't be shared.  Art, if unseen, unheard?

Back to conversation, OK?  I'm thinking conversation is the most layered, textured and exquisite form of living ekphrastically.

Feel free to weigh in on this.  Share a poem.  Share a recipe.  Share a mentor's quote.  Become evening.

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  1. Archival

    notes while waiting for toast

    we ask ourselves, what are our themes

    public and private terrors

    love, of course-------concealment/revelation

    prophecies of history

    absence, the laws which govern us in dreams

    prophecy, sacrifice, pleasure

    1980, marbled blue book, sf, ca