Thursday, March 31, 2016

Night flowers

Night flowers are like no other.
If you are lucky to be standing in the right spot
at the exact moment when a midnight breeze commences
you will see night flowers consort with the moon.
This you will never forget.  As you never forgot the first time
you encountered an artichoke.  Or tasted avocado.  Or your first

1 comment:

  1. Where was my dad exactly when I noticed the chrome fan in his studio? I think he must have been there as he commented that no one had ever noticed it before. A decorated pilot, he loved objects which functioned in specific ways, and created objects which had absolutely no purpose other than to delight, mystify, or decorate.
    My photos of his studio show a jumble of papers, objects, paints, brushes, books, maquettes, children's toys, tabletops and chairs piled with the ecstatic collection of a man who grew up poor and then made enough money to buy whatever he wished. I have a black pen and a steel ruler to mind me of his vast empire of tangible goods--and many letters and drawings to remind me that ideas, in the end, were his real passion.

    5/16/16 notes for "Weston"