Thursday, March 31, 2016


By their Spring-nature, doors are green.  No, no, not physical doors.  Those portals to dirt.  To dreaming.  Remember, the food you pack for this journey says a lot about you.  Fruit is always a wise choice and cheese to accompany.  Also, pay attention to the pen and the weight of paper upon which you gesture your greening.  Don't be discouraged, clouds are inevitable and by their nature, amusing.  

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  1. The front and back doors to our country home were never locked when I was growing up and lived there. When I cam home from college one day I noticed that they were now locked, as well as the car doors and the doors to all buildings and drawers which held valuables. This more than most things told me of the changing of the way suburban people had to live, and how they had to protect what they lived with, and for. It was no longer safe just to be in that location, with those neighbors. Outsiders had begun to inflitrate the boundaries of what had been a village within a town, a town within a forest, a province within a county, a house on a street where much had prospered for many years, and the rest of the world had somehow gotten wind of it.

    I believe it signalled the end of many things in our lives--the presumption of safety and civility was no longer allowed. It seemed to me our family structrure was also breaking apart, and order and sanity were going to implode as well.