Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This should be a word.  Those apps that startle, surprise, make us smile.  Do something we can't. Even though we can create wonder by stirring soup, writing a poem, walking down the street, talking to a friend.  Or even taking a bath with goo-gobs of bubbles.

For instance, this wonder-apped:

What is it?  A shower cap made luminous by the app, Circular.

1 comment:

  1. Last night I travelled f away
    there were no voices, so no one could talk
    There were no tears so everyone
    thought they were happy--the sound of laughter
    it was true, could be heard. And surprises,
    children with the usual love of them,
    wrapped in a star. Why did I come here, and
    why were you here too?
    New weather, some snow, a feather
    on the ground. Without envy
    I am somehow free to feel
    there is something I must be missing--
    a change of heart? I will hear voice
    echoing through the house
    like a wind in search of paradise.
    By the way, what is that solemn park
    doing in the middle of this port city?
    What kind of red shoe would someone
    leave out in the open?