Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Not the usual blue/purple iris beauties.  These remind me of roasted red and yellow peppers on a green plate.  Which remind me of a poem -- on fire in a good way or cooled by temperate rain (which would be a blessing for sure).  The name -- as often it does -- smittens:  Sanguinea Kamayama.  Also, in the family -- freesia, gladiolus, and crocus.   

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  1. Intimacy (continued) cp 367

    For Mother's Day I have two choices. I usually make a big deal of it, since my mother thinks she failed us all. She feels very deeply about things, and maybe that is one reason she broke down. I could send some candy, or flowers. One time she came home and found a pot of chrysanthemums I had sent for her birthday. They were covered with snow. Apparently the florist couldn't get in and left them on the steps. Her boyfriend likes to tell the story of how she cried and cried when she saw them.