Friday, August 21, 2015


From Latin (tenere) to hold fast.  And this beauty holds the living fast & graceful.  A pleasant surprise on a plant that seemed limp.  Have you noticed, vegetables can seem unloved in a market -- living beyond prime, ripeness. Among the saddest, overspent cucumbers.  If food has personality, cucumbers can be among the most forlorn.  Poems for sure have personalities -- angst, joy, quirkiness.   Much in common, all (plants, food, poems) holding fast.  Ah, nothing like biting into a ripe cucumber and a tenacious poem.

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    My father is elated over the new bocce set. He chooses the teams and we play. When one of the wooden balls rolls over the curve of our yard, he is full of glee. When none of the wooden balls hits another, he laughs out loud.

    My father is sitting at the bar, waiting for me. I am coming home for Christmas. I am the first one in our family to go to college.