Thursday, April 30, 2015


Think of any place.  No doubt, it's food-specific for you.  For me NYC is bagel-land.  Bagels outside NYC and it's boroughs, aren't.  So, on a train from Grand Central to Croton-on-Hudson, there was this very edible bagel.  I ate it.  I accomplished much in each bite.  And soon there will be a poem or two.

Perhaps, my next salad will include sesame seeds.  Perhaps, not.  Happy noshing, travelers.

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  1. re Travel, as in time: Circular primes197--3/27/10 expanded version 5/8/15


    She stands outside her house this morning
    and waits for nothing
    waits for the dew on her car to dry
    the sidewalk to warm
    the first hint of danger to appear
    the first breeze from the ocean
    to wake her from a dream

    She stands outside her house and looks around
    the path is full of tulips
    and the footsteps of her lover
    only she can see