Friday, October 31, 2014


Perhaps not quite what was on the tip of your mind.  Please join haiku in welcoming this handsome 2-year old boy to Kim's home.  Perhaps, he reminds you of someone?   (Answer:  see below).

And the poem?  It's sleeping.  If you listen closely, you can hear snores -- faint & delicate as a well-crafted line break.   As a healthy salad.   

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  1. BUD!!! Yes!! Tuxedoes rule!!!

    Onward with Exhibit D, evidence

    "Glitzy", he exclaims at the Broadway opening. The figures hurry into their dark red velvet seats but he hangs back, dejected, elated, released. No one's getting my ticket, he laughs to himself as he clutches the leather bound edition of Euripedes. A leopard bleats across the dance hall. he falls in love.