Friday, September 26, 2014


Can't get enough of the ripe & juicy.
Can't get enough of the ripe & the rooty.
Think of tubers.  As varied as the voices
of poetry.  As varied as the offerings
at a farmer's market.  Perhaps, this post
should be reposted, "Celebrate."

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  1. One should probably not try to analyze one's symbology too deeply. Spoils the fun of trying to extend the formula. I love mathematical formulas written on the big chalkboards , the wonderful gestural marks of something totally incomprehensible to me. I'm making a painting with words right now, and they will no doubt be totally incomprehensible to most viewers. There may be a resonance with some who see the marks as noble attempts to record a feeling, or a sight, or something deeply held inside which must find its way out, must breathe. Perhaps I will erase a few words and then paint over them and then write more over those, as an homage to the layers within, the missteps, the triumph of words which evade all our attempts to capture them.