Saturday, August 23, 2014


Like poetry, many salads are unlikely.   Unlikely?  Unlikely combintations and repetitition.

Unlikely Farro Salad

cooked farro
cut up a ripe peach (great peach season this year)
cut up an avocado
cut up tomatoes (variety of heirlooms -- best or multi-colored cherry tomatoes)
rosemary olive oil

mix.  enjoy

How does one arrive at the past tense of unlikely?  Cut up a fresh fig or two and add to the above.

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  1. This morning, as she is washing the dishes, she thinks of the admonition Michael gave her about putting the ornate plates in the dishwasher. He is giving them to her, a thanks for small favors and because she can always use more plates. But they cannot be always hand-washed. She notices they are faded in places, and look older and somehow even more ornate, or more fragile. She smiles to think of him advising her about such things, and her agreeing, knowing she will not do what he says, not about these plates anyway. His gifts seemed to have conditions at times, but that is not important now.