Monday, June 9, 2014


Of course, food is visual (think mango, tomato, mozzarella, black olive, mint or basil) and the taking of food is a visual treat.   For me, poetry is no different.  I look at something which I consider beautiful (in the broadest sense) and words happen.

This weekend, I visited the DeYoung and saw the Native American crafts exhibit.  I was deliciously overwhelmed by the Navajo blankets.  Red beyond red.  And that was the hinge for a new poem to emerge.

Here 'tis --

7 word poem in Pig Latin

Oddessgay elightsday inlay eeingsay ouyay
earway edray

1 comment:

  1. Crumb cake in the diner with a cup of weak coffee
    Our visit to the library before naps in the afternoon

    Along the road a neighbor stops to gossip--
    fresh eggs to take home from their bounty