Monday, December 30, 2013

Are black lentils the new blink poem?

Indeed, it appears so.
What's a blink poem you ask.  The result of fusion.  Fusion?  Title & text are fused.  A blink poem is an interior (albeit sometimes quirky or queer)  landscape in as few words as possible.

An example?

the cat saves the world

How does this relate to blank lentils?   Serving black lentils in a white bowl, I am reminded of haiku,the adorable, precocious 10-year old black & white cat who, no longer asleep, jumps on my lap.  With that simple act, he once again saves the world.  Please note, there is no title in that act.

1 comment:

  1. The tailor looked longingly at a letter in his hands
    sent by a nearby writer who wished again to see him.
    His pin cushion sat still before him as he contemplated
    the equatorial winds so prevalent in this time of the year.