Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When does a poem resemble an olive?

One question spins another.
With pit?
Without pit?

While most poems on the page are flat or linear, enjambment brings a gentle curve. A curve reminiscent of that of olive. Somewhere in the past, poem & olive shared an ancestor -- bowl.

Bowls, of course, perfect containers for poems & olives. For that matter, pits.

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  1. Hypotheticals (continued)

    He folded this paper three times and then sent a message
    to the purveyor of fruit, via his daughter, to come at once
    and bring her most magnificent basket of fruit
    and meet him at the edge of town at midnight

    Placing his words of ambiguous warnings in his pocket
    he set out for the gate of the city quite convinced
    the plan would elicit a revealing outcome
    and even put an end to the gloom endured by the town