Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What form of poem will a marvelous indoor, in the office picnic inspire?

Lunch poems? How can one not think of Frank O'Hara. Ok, besides?

Perhaps, we need to know what was had for lunch? Well, Mt Tam cheese, marinated green olives (fresh lemon thyme, bay leave, lemon rind), sliced tomatoes, strawberries, slided avocado, pecans, baguette. Of course, the cheese was room temperature and precisely ripe. Waiting does that to so many things.

Back to the future poem. I suggest it might include a recipe.


  1. Strawberries and pinot champagne with black patent leather high heel pumps sip all afternoon in pinstripe suits.

  2. Hypotheticals (cont)

    This finery the ladies walked in
    on the way to evening Mass
    distracted the merchant from his mission
    and he sat back along the boulevard

    Watching the parade with pleasure
    he remembered the times before his daughter
    and how he and his favorite comrades
    would picnic in the afternoons, unaware of danger

    All that the country suffered
    seemed to disappear in these reveries
    and they relished the work in the office
    as the factory produced great products for the state

    In that time no pastor sought another solace
    No purveyor of fruit would go unnoticed
    The foreman at the time was honorable and loyal
    and one's family stayed together, no matter what

    A councilman was one to tell one's troubles
    His wife a woman of discretion and kind deeds
    The tailor had no interest in a customer's apron
    and the business of espionage was left to the pros