Thursday, April 25, 2013

What are kale shoots and why does that bring on a poem?

As it was explained to me at the farmer's market, kale sends out shoots when it thinks its time is over. The farmer has another idea. Chops off these shoots and tricks the kale plant into continue to grow.

What do kale shoots resemble? A short poem with attitude and a strong taste. OK. A darker version of broccolini.

Saute kale shoots with Spring garlic. Take the pen to a blank page.

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  1. (H. cont.)

    It seemed to him the plan was airtight
    All these notes folded into flowers and fruit
    Reflections on the water confirmed this
    and he continued his reverie

    "I see my checked shirt float from house to house
    drifting on the breeze that signals summer
    My voyage is undeterred: did we really run
    through the willows in our diapers?
    How could they have done without us?
    Why even try?"