Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What connection between asparagus and the unwritten poem?

Anticipation. Looking forward with glee to the advent of plentiful asparagus in the markets. Knowing it won't be long and the waiting, rewarded. The mouth knows such things.

Sometimes there's a specific moment when you know the next poem will be begun. Sometimes with glee. Always with a sense of expectation.

For sure, dread in either asparagus or poem-making.

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  1. (H cont.)

    Fear and confusion diluted the industry
    as the men and their families caught
    the foreman's strange behavior
    and did not understand its origin or blame

    surely they had performed their duties fully
    and even asked him to join them for meals
    But he hung back from them as from a stranger
    and said nothing about his theories of late

    the very air in the workplace stalled and sank
    the comraderie of the beings breathing it
    a panic about getting paid and keeping their jobs
    was quietly rising and some people left in dismay