Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How does surface affect the writing of a poem?

In the same way as it does a meal if the kitchen table surface is desk for pen & computer. Writing & eating are one in the same meal.

Perhaps, the same can be said for reading.

Is it true that the size of the writing surface influences the outcome of words and space? (Table and notebooks various). Probably.

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  1. This One Time (7)

    Following the ancient signposts
    it's still not clear how they get there

    and so a seated figure becomes the logical
    place to seek relief

    once the cold water has been spooned
    out of the deeper of the two wells

    it's only time which holds them back
    from transformation and true love

    reticence could be interpreted as passion
    in an angel upside down

    but on they must walk, and walk
    the hooded steps of a pilgrim