Sunday, February 6, 2011

Basket. Is a poem a word basket?

Perhaps a glass bowl. Then ask, translucent or textured?

Much the same with a savory meal. Easily recognizable ingredients (ie, common foods) make the fine soup. To which spices (or herbs) add taste’s texture. Surprise. Perfection.


  1. what

    does the one have to do

    no, when does the

    no, how would it be if

    no, why can't it try

    oh muted filament of the shelf's best jars
    let them take away all the glory

  2. Some of the best meals I've had used uncommon foods, or at least uncommon to my culture. They liked goat in India. I loved it, especially with rogni sauce. I'm not sure why it never took off here. Then again, I'm not sure why we eat chicken instead of duck either, when there are plenty of ducks around. But I'm glad, because I like to feed ducks bread, and if they were afraid I was going to eat them, they might run away from me.