Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is pure page-poetry waning?

Unquestionably, performance, multi-media, cross-genre and hybrid are on the ascendant. By the way, what's a "pure" poem?

Poetry began as oral tradition.

Speaking of food and cuisine, migration and cross-mingling made a good thing better. Let's not fret; the table is set.

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  1. Monochromatica

    one wall on the south end seems to hold the secret and is the least sensitive to touch
    there is heat behind it
    is the neighbor so complete she will not sing?
    actually I saw a lawn mower and a juice can
    in her yard just the other day
    I meant to remark on this breach of boundary
    but she went back in the house
    After the yard sale no one stood around to compare finds and it was heartless in a way
    Aboriginal ecstasy on the rim of the pool
    A cacaphony of elite dealers closed the sale
    I went over to that south wall and put my ear
    up to it
    The blazes crackled, the ungodly click of new
    high heels, one high-pitched laugh and a shaker
    full of ice