Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is the length of poem affected by Equinox and Solstice?

Does the lengthening day require a long poem or short poem with long lines?

In winter is a poem's long lines to warm? Or are they minimal to mimic and sear the cold?

Of course, food is seasonal. Season being somewhere all the time. Winter requires soup, stew, and potatoes. Although Salad Nicoise makes keen use of spuds in any season.

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  1. Peasants still

    rolling around the laws of motion
    it was a potato on the floor
    this way they caught a few winks
    between courses, by the fire
    picture a snowstorm just beginning
    and the air full of doubt
    one's only son walking
    to report on the measured fall
    tomorrow won't be as cold or long
    but that is not what matters
    he's lost his gloves
    and his pockets are full
    she said bring salt for the soup
    she's always saying things
    he wishes he could hear but
    with the rolling of the planets
    it's hard to know what's next
    he leaves a trail of his treasure
    hopes they'll find him before dark