Thursday, February 4, 2010

How much does a reader's state of mind/being influence her "enjoyment" of reading a poem?

I’m a fan of Heather McHugh. So I relished the luxury of reading her latest, Upgraded to Serious (Copper Canyon, 2009). I couldn’t connect with the poems. Why? Took it personally. Did she no longer want me, as a reader? I waited a week and re-read. In the 7 day interval, it’s safe to say her poems didn’t change one iota on the page. So, I shifted. Glad of it. Yup, Heather McHugh is one poet who continues to inspire me. Read Upgraded to Serious and, if necessary, again. You’ll be well fed.

Makes me think of publishers. But that for another discussion.

Re-read, re-write, re-discover – what’s the continuum/connection of dish & poem? Why is it, sometimes comfort food fails to satisfy? I remember disliking pizza the first time I tasted it as a kid (yes, strange child). I got over it on a subsequent try. An ongoing love affair ever since. On the other hand, I have always loved bananas. Apples and cheese, too, I might add.

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